06/20/2012 11:56 am ET

Sue Simmons' Name Plays On WNBC Opening Credits With Shiba Russell Replacement


Ousted WNBC veteran Sue Simmons may be known for her history of on-air gaffes, but it looks like the anchor may be the one enjoying the last laugh, as WNBC producers slipped up Tuesday and forgot to remove her name from the opening credits.

Instead of substituting Simmons' name with her long-rumored replacement, 36-year old Shiba Russells, WNBC inadvertently carried on Simmons' spirit at the station with their credit faux pas.

Mediabistro notes WNBC never made any mention of the anchor change on television.

Could Scarborough and producers be covertly manning their own Save Sue Simmons campaign? Probably not, but it's fun to ruminate over!

Rehash the very best of Simmons, including her on-air gaffes below:

Watch Shiba Russell's debut below: