If you're of the "if you don't know the words, sing it anyway!" camp, you've probably belted out a few nonsensical lyrics, met with laughs and jabs from fellow partygoers and road-trippers.

Our recent regretful errors include a firm belief that Tom Petty wrote "Free Falling" while vacationing in the Texas Hill Country - never mind his mention of "Mulholland" and "Ventura Boulevard," he clearly croons about "a long day living in the cedar."

Here are 9 other lyrics that are prone to be mixed up, excerpted from "Tyrannosaurus Lex" [Penguin, $14.00]. What songs do you always sing incorrectly?:

Johnny Rivers, "Secret Agent Man"
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Sounds like: Secret Asian man
Is really: Secret agent man

Reprinted from Tyrannosaurus Lex by Rod Evans by arrangement with Perigee, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., Copyright (C) 2012 by Rod Evans.

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