06/21/2012 04:00 pm ET

Colbert On Asian Immigration Threat: 'Asians Are The New Mexicans'

Stephen Colbert has consistently turned in some of the best satire on America's ongoing immigration debate, going so far as to testify in character before congress on behalf of illegal migrant workers.

This week a Pew Research Study revealed that Asian-Americans have surpassed Hispanics as the fastest-growing race in America, and Colbert wasted no time in letting his audience know how afraid they should be. With the change being credited to the need for skilled workers in the U.S., Colbert announced, "Nation, we're getting boxed in. Mexicans do the jobs we don't want to do and Asians do the jobs we're not able to do."

The host then listed the three jobs leftover for white Americans... it's not pretty. Check out the full clip above.


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