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Romney Campaign Paid Almost $400 To Arizona Nightclub And 'Ultra Lounge' (UPDATE)

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The Romney campaign picked a peculiar spot to hold a meeting while in Arizona last month.

The campaign's latest filing to the Federal Elections Commission shows a $385.24 payment to nightclub The Mint Restaurant and Ultra Lounge in Scottsdale, billed as a meeting expense.

As reported by BuzzFeed:

According to the website of the establishment, "The Mint" specializes in making "all types of events imaginable" which include models, dancers, and showgirls along with body painting in a nightclub that calls itself "half restaurant" and "half ultra-lounge."

The club's signature drunk [sic] is a $13 champagne cocktail called "the gold digger" after rapper Kanye West and [it] has been billed by some as "Arizona's hottest new club."

The club also offers a "specialty champagne bar in the co-ed bathroom." In the marble unisex bathroom, a bartender makes drinks while patrons take "socializing in the bathroom to a new level" according to one review of the club.

When asked to comment, Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul told The Huffington Post, "Campaign staffers having dinner is hardly news.”

The Romney campaign has no shortage of cash to spend. The presumptive Republican nominee raised $23.4 million in May.

UPDATE: 1:11 p.m. -- Saul, the Romney campaign spokeswoman, pointed to a Newt Gingrich rally at The Mint in February. The venue was then described as "a Thai-themed restaurant and bar."

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