'Toy Stories': Aled Lewis Brings Us The Secret Life Of Snarky Toys (PHOTOS)

06/21/2012 12:44 pm ET

If you thought Woody and Buzz were snarky toys, they you obviously haven't met Aled Lewis' petulant prints yet.

Lewis, a designer and illustrator based in London, has a knack for creating awkward situations with childhood toys. "This started as a personal project for my own amusement and then began to develop a life of its own," Lewis wrote on his website. "I created these 'Toy Stories' with figurines that I bought in toy stores, found on eBay and was given by friends."

Luckily for Lewis, his "personal project" is paying off. Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys, a book featuring 100 of his images, will be released on December 4, 2012.

Check out Aled Lewis' "Toy Stories" prints below.

"Toy Stories" By Aled Lewis

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