06/22/2012 08:38 am ET

'Dexter' Season 7 Trailer: How Will Deb React? (VIDEO)

In "Dexter" Season 7, it seems things have finally come to a head for Dex, his dark passenger and adoptive sister, police detective Deb.

The new, stylish trailer below features two voiceovers, one from Dexter (Michael C. Hall), cut with images of him, knives, blood, police badges and a dark room, and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). Season 6 ended with Deb walking in on her brother, and a body. After six seasons, it's finally happened.

How will Deb react to her brother, the serial killer? How will "Chuck" actress Yvonne Strahovski figure in to the new season? You'll have to tune in to watch.

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