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'The Newsroom' Drinking Game

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Aaron Sorkin's HBO cable news drama "The Newsroom" has been so thoroughly pilloried in the week leading up to its premiere that it appears some drinking may be in order.

In the spirit of numbing the pain, and getting in the right frame of mind to enjoy that snappy Sorkin dialogue, HuffPost TV has devised a "Newsroom" drinking game ... because even a somewhat flawed Sorkin misfire is much more fun to watch than most of the other awful new shows coming to TV this fall.

Will McAvoy reminds you of Keith OlbermannDrink
"News Night" gets an AP news alert and you ask yourself, "Wait, why aren't they on Twitter?"Chug
An AP news alert changes colorShot
Will is befuddled to learn he has a blogChug
Someone mentions Walter Cronkite, Edward Murrow or Jay LenoDrink
A character delivers a soliloquy that lasts over 2 minutesShot
Will's boss, played by Sam Waterston, has a drinkDrink
Will berates a member of his staff or forgets their nameChug
Romantically-involved colleagues talk about meeting each other's parentsDrink
A signature Sorkin walk & talkDrink
Will reminds people he's a registered Republican or references a Broadway musical (thanks to Time TV critic James Poniewozik)Shot
Someone mentions "News Night's" duty to the American electorateChug
You read a negative review of "The Newsroom"Drink

"The Newsroom" premieres Sun., June 24 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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