Marilyn Manson is headed to the small screen.

The rocker is set to appear on the upcoming season of Showtime's "Californication," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Manson, who will play himself, is joining David Duchovny for a single episode of the hit series, for what TV Guide calls an "unforgettable" appearance, having a run-in with Tim Minchin's Atticus Fetch. Manson's cameo will appear in the seventh episode of the new season.

"Californication" ended their fifth season in early April and wasted no time getting back to work. Production for season six began in May and the series is set to return in 2013.

Check out some of the best celebrity cameo self-parodies below.

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  • Bill Murray


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  • Celebs On "Entourage"

    Too many to count...