06/24/2012 11:03 am ET

'Vacation Sex' Gets A New Meaning With Lizzy Caplan, Kathryn Hahn, Rob Riggle & Jake Johnson (VIDEO)

Most people can attest that sex is better while on vacation, but how about while other people are on vacation?

When you hear people talk about "vacation sex," it usually involves a luxurious hotel room or a one-night stand on a beach. But there's another kind of vacation sex that you might not be familiar with -- one that involves some mild breaking and entering.

In this latest sketch from Funny Or Die, Kathryn Hahn and Rob Riggle return home from vacation to find Lizzy Caplan of "Party Down" and "New Girl" actor Jake Johnson having a post-coital snuggle in their bed. And that's not even the weirdest part.

Watch the video above!


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