If you haven't had a chance to check out Twitter yet today, you're missing out on a hilarious hashtag game that's perfect for comedy lovers: #AnimalComedianNames.

Stand-up comic Myq Kaplan kicked things off with "Paw Leash Shore" and now it's on a roll, amassing dozens of participatory tweets by the minute. Roaming packs of Stephen Col-bears, Lamb Kinisons and John Geese are running wild all over the site.

We've collected some of the funniest animal comedian names so far below. Think you can top such gems as Gazellen Degeneres and Conan O'Possum? Tweet yours with the hashtag and play along.

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  • Myq Kaplan

  • Myq Kaplan

  • Myq Kaplan

  • Jon Fisch

  • Daniel Sawl

  • David Lubar

  • Myq Kaplan

  • Brendan McLaughlin

  • kat himmel

  • Jon Fisch

  • Just Call Me Frank™©

  • Abbie Ernst

  • Pat Kelly

  • Mark Agee

  • Chris Davis

  • Nurse Joy

  • Eddie

  • Will Noonan

  • LaughSpin.com

  • Montana Scott

  • Ernesto Gianola

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