06/25/2012 11:54 am ET

Supreme Court Ruling On Arizona Immigration Law Sparks Political Reaction (PHOTOS)

The Supreme Court handed down a ruling on Arizona immigration law S.B. 1070 on Monday.

HuffPost's Mike Sacks reports:

The Supreme Court on Monday delivered a split decision in the Obama administration's challenge to Arizona's aggressive immigration law, striking multiple provisions but upholding the "papers please" provision. Civil rights groups argue the latter measure, a centerpiece of S.B. 1070, invites racial profiling.

Monday's decision on "papers please" rested on the more technical issue of whether the law unconstitutionally invaded the federal government's exclusive prerogative to set immigration policy. The justices found that it was not clear whether Arizona was supplanting or supporting federal policy by requiring state law enforcement to demand immigration papers from anyone stopped, detained or arrested in the state who officers reasonably suspect is in the country without authorization. The provision that was upheld -- at least for now -- also commands police to check all arrestees' immigration status with the federal government before they are released.

Below, a look at political reaction to the ruling.

Political Reaction To SB 1070 Ruling


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