Little Caesars 'Pizza Pizza' Ads Are Coming Back

06/25/2012 09:25 am ET | Updated Jun 26, 2012

Remember those incessant Little Caesars commercials from the '90s with the "pizza pizza" tagline? Well, they're back this week after a 15-year national advertising hiatus, reports Ad Age.

The slogan was originally launched to promote a two-pizza offer, but the new iteration of the ads are focusing more on the slogan's familiarity rather than that specific deal. Now, the main promotion is a $5 large pepperoni pizza, and a $8 large three-meat pizza.

Head over to Ad Age for a good history of the campaign and company. And check out some of the old ads below, in case you need a "pizza pizza" refresher. Warning: this will get stuck in your head.

Clarification: Language has been added to this post to emphasize that it was the national advertising campaign that has been on hiatus, and not ads in local markets.

Little Caesars Ads