Raymond Carl Knudson Robbed A Bank And Then Drove To Police Station To Confess

06/25/2012 11:21 pm ET | Updated Aug 25, 2012

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A suburban Portland man says he was so moved by a documentary exploring the cause of the Great Recession that he decided to rob a bank.

But apparently the film didn't make enough of an impression for the 50-year-old Gresham man to keep the loot.

The Oregonian reports that Raymond Carl Knudson pleaded guilty Monday to sticking up a Bank of America branch in April, a crime he confessed within minutes of committing.

According to court documents, Knudson entered the bank and handed over a robbery note. Then he drove to the Gresham Police Department carrying all $425 of the loot and confessed.

He told investigators he felt compelled to rob the bank after watching "Inside Job," the Academy Award-winning documentary that explores causes of the 2008 global financial meltdown.

Knudson is scheduled for sentencing Sept. 10.


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