Let's face it: no one is too excited about this upcoming election. On the one hand, you have Barack Obama, who we haven't quite seen deliver on his platform of "Hope and Change" (although he does do a pretty good Bieber) and on the other hand, you have Mitt Romney, who sounds like he'd do and say just about anything to live in the White House. At this point, we probably shouldn't be surprised by our options for president anymore.

With that said, we decided to dream a little. We took stock of our favorite fictional presidents from TV and movies that we'd rather vote for and narrowed it down to 17 entertaining candidates. We may not really be able to elect President Skroob in 2012, but we can still laugh at the idea. Check our our choices below and vote for your favorites.

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  • President Thomas Whitmore From 'Independence Day'

    Not many U.S. presidents would be willing to get in a fighter jet and take part in an attack against invading aliens.

  • President Skroob From 'Spaceballs'

    Hail Skroob!

  • President James Marshall From 'Air Force One'

    What do you do when your Air Force One plane is hijacked? You kick ass.

  • President Arnold Schwartzenneger From 'The Simpsons Movie'

    Close enough to reality to be a little frightening.

  • President Andrew Shepherd From 'The American President'

    We're totally fine with the President dating if he has to.

  • President Merkin Muffley In 'Dr. Strangelove'

    President Muffley has a lot to worry about, what with the arms race, the space race and the peace race.

  • President James Dale In 'Mars Attacks'

    He couldn't negotiate peace with the aliens, but you have to give him an A for effort.

  • President Tom Beck In 'Deep Impact'

    We're not big fans of the President declaring martial law with an incoming asteroid heading for Earth, but Morgan Freeman's voice won us over.

  • Stephen Colbert From 'The Colbert Report'

    Well, he wasn't able to get in his name in the hat, but pretty sure he'd win in a massive landslide.

  • Dave Kovic From 'Dave'

    If the President suffered a stroke and the White House just replaced him with a lookalike, we'd probably notice, right?

  • President Tug Benson From 'Hot Shots! Part Deux'

    Not many presidents would be willing to duel an enemy leader, but President Benson would.

  • President Josiah Bartlet From 'The West Wing'

    Finally, a president who isn't afraid to make a joke.

  • President Hathaway From 'Monsters Vs. Aliens'

    Any president who can play "Axel F" like that would get our votes. (Side note: the character is voiced by Stephen Colbert)

  • George H.W. Bush From 'The Simpsons'

    We much prefer this fictional version of him.

  • President Lindberg From 'The Fifth Element'

    There's just something enticing about knowing that your president could probably bench 400 pounds.

  • President David Palmer From '24'

    The job is always better if Jack Bauer has your back.

  • President Jackson Evans In 'The Contender'

    Have you no decency, sir?

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