06/27/2012 09:21 am ET

'90s TV Shows: #A90sBaby Knows Brings The Best Of 1990s Pop Culture To Twitter

Ah, sweet nostalgia. '90s babies, rejoice -- the decade of your childhood is all the rage again! Sure, the 2010s may have traded the Backstreet Boys for the guys of One Direction and swapped The Amanda Show (remember the dancing lobsters?) with Amanda Bynes' string of DUI arrests, but the decade that made Britney Spears a star is still cool.

To pay homage to the pop culture of their past, teens born in the '90s spurred the trending topic #A90sBabyKnows on Twitter. We couldn't help but round up the 20 best tweets that made us smile and shout (in true Full House fashion), "You got it, dude!" Click through the slideshow below for a walk down memory lane.

What was your favorite part of '90s pop culture? Sound off in the comments below or tweet your own #A90sBabyKnows @HuffPostTeen!

Twitter Round-Up: #A90sBabyKnows