06/27/2012 06:41 pm ET

Graphic Tees For Summer! 16 Fun Looks For Girls & Guys

With temps reaching up to 90, 100, or even higher for some of you over the next month, it's time to settle into a breezy tee and shorts until back-to-school time rolls around again. But rather than pulling on the same old boring tee as last summer, give your wardrobe a boost with a bold graphic shirt with an eye-catching message.

We did a little online shopping and found tees for guys and girls that feature fun art, hilarious jokes and plenty of pop culture references -- check them out in the below slideshow.

Which one is your fave? Snap a photo of your go-to summer tee and share it with us on Twitter at @HuffPostTeen!

20 Graphic Tees For Girls And Guys
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