Louis C.K. had an eventful night on "The Tonight Show" Monday night, complete with some Jay Leno-bashing, a not-so-subtle Jerry Sandusky joke and the suggestion that Olympian athlete Lolo Jones make a sex tape with Tim Tebow.

There to promote the third season of his critically-acclaimed FX show "Louie" premiering this week, C.K. started off the night innocently enough, talking about how fun it might be to be homosexual and making fun of Leno's characteristically unique appearance ("I hope I can say this without insulting you, but you are the weirdest looking person on the planet earth").

After a round of ball-busting by the two comedians, things got edgier in part two, above, wherein C.K. talks about the age-old men vs. women debate ("I don't think women are better than men, I think men are a lot worse than women") before slipping in a joke about recently convicted Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

While C.K. didn't mention Sandusky by name, after talking about the horrible nature of child molesters (around the 3:00 mark) he flatly asked, "When did he have time to coach?". C.K. also speculated as to how much more impressive Penn State's record might have been if the coach hadn't been doing what he had been doing all those years.

And C.K. didn't stop there. It was during the following guest Olympian hurdler Lolo Jones' interview that Louis really made Leno (not to mention Lolo) blush. Jones, who has publicly revealed that she is a virgin, joked about going on a date with fellow religious athlete Tim Tebow. Naturally, Louis used this as an opportunity to say, "that would make a great tape."

Watch that part unfold around the 3:00 mark, below.

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