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US-2012 President: 47% Obama (D), 44% Romney (R) (NBC/WSJ 6/20-6/24)

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NBC/Wall Street Journal
6/20/12-6/24/12; 1,000 adults, 3.1% margin of error
819 registered voters, 3.4% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
NBC release, NBC story, WSJ story (paywalled)


State of the Country
31% Right Direction, 61% Wrong Track (chart)

Obama Job Approval
47% Approve, 48% Disapprove (chart)
Economy: 42/53 (chart)

Positive / Negative
Barack Obama: 48 / 38 (chart)
Mitt Romney: 33 / 39 (chart)

2012 Congress: Generic Ballot
45% Democrat, 44% Republican (chart)

2012 President
47% Obama (D), 44% Romney (R) (chart)

From what you have heard about Barack Obama's health care plan that was passed by Congress and
signed into law by the President in 2010, do you think his plan is a good idea or a bad idea?

35% support, 41% oppose (chart)

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