It's time to come clean: We hoard shows on our DVRs. And we know you do too.

It's hard to get to every single show you want to watch, we know the pain well. Other times, you just can't bring yourself to delete that one show. Now that the TV season is over and we're in the slower summer months, it was time for some DVR cleaning. HuffPost TV's Maureen Ryan, Maggie Furlong, Jaimie Etkin, Alex Moaba, Leigh Weingus and Chris Harnick are proud -- and maybe somewhat embarrassed -- to share what's still lingering on our DVRs.

Click through the slideshow below to find out what we're watching, saving and deleting and tell us: What's on your DVR?

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  • "Modern Family," ABC

    Ryan: I have a dozen episodes of the show on my DVR, which I can't quite force myself to watch after I gave up midway through the most recent season. It's not just the show's air of self-congratulation and frequent laziness that put me off; it's "ModFam's" increasingly lamentable treatment of its female characters that finally pushed me over the edge. Some time this fall, around the time the show returns, look for my piece on why I gave up on this once-delightful gem (and before I write that post, I'll catch up on what I missed). I'm guessing the episodes will live on my DVR until then. <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong>

  • "Pretty Little Liars," ABC Family

    Furlong: I've got a secret -- can you keep it? I was obsessed with "PLL" in Season 1, and then Season 2 episodes just started stacking up. Now they're already in Season 3, and I'm debating whether or not to catch up or just skip ahead to real-time (especially since I already know who "A" is). But for now, there they sit. <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong>

  • "30 Rock," NBC

    Harnick: Like its predecessor, "Queen of Jordan," I have "Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery Of The Phantom Pooper" saved for a day when I really need to laugh. Deleting would just be rude. <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong> Etkin: LIz Lemonisms were once a part of my vocabulary, but early last season, the show stopped being funny for me. I kept my season pass, but honestly, "The Vampire Diaries" was a better use of my Thursday nights. <strong>DVR Status: Deleting</strong>

  • "Comedy Bang! Bang!," IFC

    Moaba: I set this show to record after watching a promo where Jon Hamm rapped the "Taxi" theme song. But since it airs Friday night at the same time as "Real Time With Bill Maher," I've never watched it live and haven't gone back to check any out. But I do enjoy saying, "Comedy Bye! Bye!" when I delete them off my DVR. <strong> DVR Status: Deleting</strong>

  • "Smash," NBC

    Harnick: The finale is saved just in case I want to jump on the couch and start belting out "Don't Forget Me" with Katharine McPhee. <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong> Weingus: I loved "Smash" ... at first. When it became completely unwatchable, I dropped the ball. But I still plan on finishing the first season someday! <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong>

  • "60 Minutes," CBS

    Moaba: In a misguided attempt to mold myself into a well-informed member of the American electorate that would make Aaron Sorkin proud, I set a series recording on "60 Minutes." It was a sham: While I occasionally enjoy the news-magazine when I catch an interesting segment live on a Sunday night, during the week, I haven't once caught myself thinking "Let's catch up on yesterday's '60 Minutes'!" <strong>DVR Status: Deleting</strong>

  • "Suburgatory," ABC

    Weingus: Jane Levy is adorable, and I'm obsessed with the idea of grownup Elton (Jeremy Sisto). Still, I've never seen an episode! <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong>

  • "Conan," TBS

    Furlong: I adore Conan O'Brien, was a regular "Late Night" viewer and even went to see him on his live tour, post-"Tonight Show" mess. But "Conan"? Even if I skip ahead to the interviews, it doesn't feel like his heart is in it, which breaks mine. We haven't watched in months. <strong> DVR Status: Deleting</strong>

  • "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Syndicated

    Etkin: I used to watch "Ellen" daily, but my primetime TV viewing schedule got too stuffed to fit in the hour-long talk show, even though the show pretty much always puts a smile on my face. Now, if a celebrity or artist I'm particularly interested in is on, I'll fast-forward to the interview or performance and then delete the episode. But some -- i.e. any with Sophia Grace and Rosie -- are just too good to let go off. <strong>DVR Status: Deleting some/Saving others</strong>

  • "Best Friends Forever," NBC

    Harnick: I didn't want this show to end. I've been ignoring the final two episodes on my DVR because I'm going to miss Jessica and Lennon. <strong>DVR Status: Watching</strong> Weingus: Loved the pilot, but the second episode was unbearably shrill. <strong>DVR Status: Deleting</strong>

  • "The Secret Circle," The CW

    Etkin: I started watching because A) I'm a big Kevin Williamson fan and B) It came on right after "The Vampire Diaries." But that was part of the problem. It didn't quite live up to "TVD" standards and even though I was intrigued initially, I couldn't stick with it -- and sadly, <a href="" target="_hplink">neither could The CW</a>. <strong>DVR Status: Deleting</strong>

  • "America In Primetime," PBS

    Harnick: I have all four parts of this fascinating documentary about the evolution of TV and its various characters -- including the leading woman which, featured a segment on "The Good Wife" -- saved because: 1. I'll watch again with friends. 2. To impress friends that I DVRed PBS. <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong>

  • "Law & Order: SVU," NBC

    Etkin: I've watched choice episodes throughout the season (like the one with James Van Der Beek), but I still have lots of "SVU" to watch from its first Meloni-less season. Perhaps one day, if there doesn't happen to be a marathon already on TV, I'll start my own. <strong>DVR Status: Saving</strong>

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