President Barack Obama has the advantage in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and voters in those states overwhelmingly back his latest immigration directive, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

Obama has the biggest lead in Ohio, where he leads presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney by a 47-38 margin. Obama leads Romney by a 45-39 margin in Pennsylvania and has a 45-41 edge in Florida. The results are better for Obama than the firm's June 21 poll showing Florida and Ohio too close to call and Pennsylvania with an identical six-point margin.

The results follow an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday showing the president's lead expanding in battleground states.

The president's move to grant work authorizations and halt deportations for some young undocumented immigrants garnered strong support in the battleground states. Florida voters supported his policy by a 58-33 margin, and his support among hispanics was up by seven points to a 56-32 lead from 49-39 in a June 21 survey conducted prior to his announcement. Ohio voters back the policy by a 52-38 margin and Pennsylvanians by a 51-41 margin.

But approval of Obama's policy may not translate to electoral benefits, with around 60 percent of voters in the three states saying it made no difference to how they would vote. More voters -- and significantly more in Ohio and Pennsylvania -- said it made them less likely to vote for his reelection.

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