As temperatures continue to rise, it's time to get ready for the most anticipated face-off of the summer. We're not talking about the Olympics or Euro 2012, though. We're talking dogs versus sprinklers. The age old battle will continue to rage on this summer, which is great news for all of us. When dogs square off against sprinklers, everybody wins.

Check out these 17 videos of adorable dogs battling their sprinkler foes (and keep your eye out for Louis C.K.'s dog getting in on the action). Don't forget to vote for the cutest pup!

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  • Figuring It Out

    She's getting the hang of this sprinkler thing.

  • Speedy

    Not sure why this was sped up, but it works somehow.

  • Sprinkler Shower

    This French bulldog just wants a rinse.

  • Sweet Move

    Spin move!

  • Thirsty Pup

    Why is this water fountain moving around so much?

  • Two-Dog Job

    This sort of thing calls for two Jack Russell Terriers.

  • Tough To Bite

  • Cooling Mist

    Gotta admit, this looks super fun.

  • Good Footwork

    Always stay on your toes and be one step ahead of the sprinkler.

  • A Team Effort

    Too much water for just one doggy.

  • Louis C.K.'s Dog

    This is Louis C.K.'s dog playing with a sprinkler. Seriously.

  • Face Wash

    Feels pretty refreshing.

  • Double Air Bud

    Pretty impressive ups there.

  • Sneak Attack

    So preoccupied with the bigger dog, the small dog can sneak up on the sprinklers unnoticed.

  • Jump Spray

    Can't someone lower this sprinkler?

  • Puppies Unite!

    Is there anything better than sprinkler puppies? No, there isn't.

  • Overthrown Sprinkler

    Think the dog takes this round.

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