06/28/2012 10:12 am ET

'Everything Changes' Video: Eytan And The Embassy's Awesome, No-Cut Music Video

It's a video everyone from Neil Patrick Harris to deadmau5 is raving about: One take, 18 costume changes and one very catchy song.

Eytan and The Embassy dug deep through rock and pop history for the video for "Everything Changes." Lead singer Eytan is transformed into everyone from John Lennon to Lady Gaga, with plenty of icons in between (Dylan, Bowie, Cobain, etc).

The video is certainly creative, but it's similar to the visuals Ingrid Michaelson debuted a few weeks ago for her song, "Blood Brothers." In her clip, Michaelson transforms into Bowie, Amy Winehouse and many other music figures. Watch both videos and below and see all of Eytan's looks in the gallery that follows. Which was your favorite?

Eytan's Many Looks