Channing Tatum is showing off his sweet moves anywhere and everywhere he can, and that's nothing new for the star of "Magic Mike."

When he hosted "SNL" earlier this year, he broke out his amazing gyrations during the opening monologue, and even, thank the lord, ripped his shirt open.

So if you're like us and you need more Channing Tatum pelvic thrusts right this very second, here are 7 GIFs of him gyrating anywhere he damn well pleases. Like he do.

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  • Celebrating The Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling

    With long-time fan Nancy Pelosi

  • Inspiring David 8

    SPOILER: Channing Tatum's gyrations are the real origins of life on earth

  • Cheering Ann Curry Up

    She hates to go, but she loves to watch Channing Tatum leave

  • Helping Out In The White House Garden

    "Hey kids, if you eat healthy you can look and move like this."

  • Working in The Newsroom

    Channing Tatum is very serious about the state of the news business

  • Defending America

    That's his secret, Cap, he's always gyrating.

  • Maybe this was inappropriate

    But look how serious he is.

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