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Meghan McCain Talks GOProud, Obama's Stance On Gay Marriage While Promoting New Book

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Meghan McCain, columnist and daughter of GOP Senator John McCain, lashed out at the conservative Republican gay group GOProud, which recently endorsed Mitt Romney, calling it a “rogue group” that tends to “exacerbate the stereotype” about gays. She also slammed President Obama for doing too little on gay rights, saying his coming out for marriage equality is “not enough for me.” And she said she understood why some gay Republicans would be voting for Mitt Romney, explaining that though she supports same-sex marriage she is not a “one-issue” voter.

Promoting a book she co-wrote with comedian Michael Ian Black, "America, You Sexy Bitch," McCain appeared with Black on my radio program on Sirius XM. In the past, GOProud has attacked McCain with crude personal insults on Twitter and said she should "be ashamed of herself" for criticizing the late conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

"I am a Log Cabin Republican member,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned, GOProud is a rogue group that has publicly said very nasty things about me, very nasty things. And they're the type of gay Republicans that I think exacerbate the stereotype. Ann Coulter is who they had speak at one of their conventions and was touted as some kind of icon, a woman who uses gay slurs on televsion. In gay Republican circles, GOProud are not respected. They do not like me and I do not like them."

Although there's no love lost between McCain and GOProud, she doesn't think their endorsing Romney is so out of line, saying she understands why gay Republicans would vote for Romney even though he backs an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning marriage for gays and lesbians. McCain criticized President Obama for not doing enough on gay rights.

"I think it’s so unfair for people to sort of say that gay Republican men must be somehow self-loathing or something of that nature," McCain said. "They just believe in their country being run a certain way. And until I think the Democratic Party comes out and actually passes legislation, we’re not impressed. I'm not impressed with Obama going on TV and saying, 'I have gay friends and I think they should get married.' That to me is the same thing as saying, 'I have black friends and they should get married but I’m not actually going to pass legislation that interracial marriage should happen.' If you put it in those terms it’s a completely different situation. And the fact that people just seem to be okay with President Obama doing that, as far as I’m concerned, he’s not doing enough for the gay community and it’s not enough to sway me. I'm glad it's okay with you guys but it's not enough for me. I know lots of gay people that are voting for Romney. Because I think in America, people aren’t one-issue voters."

Listen to the interview here:

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