The Middle East's Most Notable 'First Wives' (PHOTOS)

06/28/2012 04:30 pm ET | Updated Jun 29, 2012

As Mohammed Morsi wraps up his first week as Egypt's new leader, eyes have turned to his wife. Naglaa Ali Mahmoud married Mohammed Morsi, her first cousin, when she was 17. The couple has five children — four sons and a daughter.

Yet Morsi's wife is unlikely to seek the limelight, rejecting the title of Egypt's first lady. "I want to be called the president's wife," she told the Associated Press by telephone. "Who said that the president's wife is the first lady anyways?"  

How does Mahmoud hold up compared to the other first ladies of the Middle East? Take a look at some of the region's most notable presidential wives below.

Middle East's Most Notable 'First Wives'