Think you're hot today? Just imagine if you were a dog and covered in fur. Pups need to cool off just like anyone else, so during the hot summer months, dogs love air conditioners just as much as we do.

Check out these 9 cool dogs getting a break from the summer heat using air conditioners. Some swim through the air, some try to eat it and some just sit back and enjoy the breeze, but no matter how they cool down, it's always adorable. Which is the cutest cool dog? Vote and let us know!

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  • A/C Swimming

    Just going to do a few laps.

  • Puppy Cooling Down

    Adorable. That is all.

  • Turning Up The Air In The Car

    Open windows are fine, but let's just close it for now and just pump up the A/C.

  • A/C Swimming 2

    It's always tougher to swim when you have a lot of hair.

  • On Top Of The Air

    Let's be honest, we could watch this all day.

  • Eating The Cool Air

    That's one way to cool down.

  • Tasty Air

    This cool air tastes amazing!

  • Puppy Air Swimming

    Always best to learn how to swim young.

  • Lazin' Around On A Hot Summer Day

    We've all been there.

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