07/02/2012 05:33 pm ET | Updated Jul 03, 2012

Mysterious Diamond Ring Donation Found In Red Ronald McDonald Boot (VIDEO)

One Ronald McDonald House donor may not be "lovin' it" after a recent incident.

Fundraisers found a woman's diamond-studded wedding ring inside a red Ronald McDonald boot last week. A copy of the iconic size-14 shoe was being used to collect donations in a Mission Valley, Calif., roadside fundraiser, ABC reports.

The Ronald McDonald House says it's not sure whether the act was a generous donation or a heartbreaking mistake.

“Someone may have dropped it in, or someone may have just said, ‘Here, take this.' You never know.” Chuck Day of Ronald McDonald House Charities, told NBC.

The charity, which provides families with inexpensive lodging near the hospitals where their children are getting treated, raised $150,000 in its annual Red Boot Fundraiser.

The Ronald McDonald House is seeking information on the ring owner and notes that if it was a donation, it could go a long way in assisting the charity's education, food and recreation programs.

"This is not a low-cost value ring; it's someone who has nice taste," Gail Sullivan from the Ronald McDonald House told ABC.

But bling has been unexpectedly popping up at other organizations too.

In a recent similar story, Deb Thompson of Minnesota discovered a diamond ring, valued at $5,000-$6,500, in a pair of pants she purchased at Goodwill, the Star Tribune reports. Certain that the pricey piece of jewelry wasn't left behind intentionally, Thompson is searching high and low for the rightful owner.

"I would love for [the owner] to have a second chance," she told the news outlet.


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