As we all finalize our Fourth of July plans, it's important to remember that the key ingredient in any Independence Day celebration is a fuzzy friend outfitted in patriotic garb. Show your neighbors you mean business when it comes to being proud to be an American.

To inspire you, here are some pretty amazing dogs (and a few other animals, but let's face it, dogs are clearly the most patriotic) showing off the red, white and blue.

If you were just thinking of throwing your old blue bandana around your dog's neck, maybe you should move to Russia.

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  • Double fistin'

    This dog is twice as patriotic as you.

  • Chillin' with the flag

    This cat sleeps in red, white and blue.

  • Fetchin' the flag

    He's bringing back pride.

  • Red, white and cute!

    Who says being patriotic can't be adorable?

  • Patriotic finch

    Walk soft...

  • America is delicious...

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

  • Have flag, will go to parade...

    This dog is ready to go and make it a star-spangled day.

  • Lookin' cool

    This dog's patriotic 'tude is to be commended.

  • America, F*ck Yeah!

    Sometimes you have to shout your pride.

  • Portrait of a perfect American

    Commemorating the world's most patriotic dog.

  • Rockin' the Uncle Sam look

    This dog wants YOU... to join the party.

  • A fuzzy salute

    The decorum shown here is tremendous.

  • Sleepy pride...

    Nothing more American than a cat nap.

  • Patriotic bird

    If you can get this outfit on your bird, you're more patriotic than every single other American.

  • Patriotic ferret

    Take that dogs and cats.

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