07/02/2012 12:25 pm ET

John Brigham Allegedly Went On Naked Carjacking Spree In Arizona

An out-of-control driver allegedly unleashed a mini-crime spree in Arizona traffic last week.

John Brigham, 45, allegedly instigated multiple car crashes while driving in Scottsdale, an ABC local affiliate reported. First he reportedly jammed his vehicle into a Porsche on Friday afternoon.

The Porsche hit another car. Soon after the pileup, Brigham allegedly stripped completely and jumped on top of his wreck, screamed and shouted for a bit.

"He looked like he was crazy. He definitely looked like a madman," a witness told Fox.

The suspect ran through traffic, approaching a Prius. He allegedly pulled a female driver out and sped away.

After driving off in the hybrid, witnesses said Brigham drove recklessly, causing cars to swerve out of his way. He crashed into four other vehicles driving in the wrong direction down a street, Fox reported.

After the second accident, Brigham was ejected from the vehicle. Undeterred, he reportedly tried to steal an SUV.

Seven people were injured in total, including a pregnant woman who broke two legs, according to the Arizona Republic.

As of Sunday, police were awaiting the results of a drug test to file charges in the case. Brigham will likely be arraigned for carjacking, robbery and leaving the scene of a hit-and-run.

In the meantime, Brigham has been taken to a hospital to be evaluated for drug use and mental health issues.