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Prince William, Kate Middleton Dropped More Than $80,000 On Plane Tickets From LA To London

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A quick internet search for plane tickets from LA to London shows a bargain price of around $700 per ticket, or if you're traveling business class, just north of $2,000. But don't tell members of the British royal family that.

According to documents released on Monday, the former Kate Middleton and Prince William dropped around $80,000 on their one-way journey back to London from Los Angeles following their North American tour. The price tag covered commercial tickets for their seven-deep entourage -- and while Middleton, William, and a senior adviser got free upgrades to first class, the business-class tickets cost around $9,000. As we reported last summer, the royal duo (plus entourage) headed home on a British Airways flight. They were later offered 200 pound vouchers on the airline after the plane's in-flight system broke.

The Royal Family's most expensive trip for 2011 was a trip taken by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall through the Middle East, South Africa, and Tanzania last fall. The trip cost $722,761.55, reports The Daily Mail.

From 2011 though 2012, the Royal Family's travel tab weighed in at $9,500,000 -- all of which were covered by taxpayer funds, according to The Telegraph.

Just last year, Prince William drew attention for flying "cattle class" on Air New Zealand.

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