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Soccer Club Wears Romney Jerseys

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Mitt Romney will now have some unlikely advertising from outside the campaign: An anonymous donor is paying for a minor-league soccer club to wear jerseys with the candidate's name and slogan "Believe in America."

F.C. New York, a club based in New York, started to wear jerseys with "Romney" across the front at a game on Saturday, Big Apple Soccer and The New York Times reported.

Before the game, the club sent out a press release, saying it "was pleased to announce it will feature presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the front of our kits for the balance of the year."

The jerseys come in pink and white, according to a picture posted on the Big Apple Soccer site and the Times. It's not unusual for a soccer club to place an advertisement on its jerseys, but a political statement is out of the ordinary.

The club announced it received the funding from an anonymous donor who said he was unconnected with the Romney campaign. "I love futbol, I love America, I am a proud Latino-American who believes Mitt Romney needs to be our next president," he said in a letter, according to F.C. New York.

The club coach, for his part, said his team just hoped to win against the Red Bulls, whom they were challenging on Saturday.

"I am glad we have a kit sponsor that people all over America recognize, but right now I am looking for a victory against Red Bull," coach Elvin Vasquez said in a press release. "I want to win as much as Mr. Romney does."

If you want a jersey with the president's name, one can be ordered for $95 through the website for Barack Obama's re-election campaign. The Romney campaign sells baseball caps for $30, but no jerseys.

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