07/03/2012 09:56 am ET | Updated Sep 02, 2012

Balloon LeBron James: Artist Joel Zae Sculpts Miami Heat Star Out Of Balloons (VIDEO)

Cleveland fans may accuse LeBron James of having an over-inflated ego, but this is ridiculous.

BYU student Joel Zae spent "my whole Saturday" creating a LeBron balloon sculpture that looks, extends, and dunks just like LeBron James -- if LeBron James was a wiry lunatic created by Stephen King to snatch children's ankles as they walked past drains and culverts.

In other words, this thing is totally awesome and totally terrifying: the dead eyes, the soulless form, the leg rolls that turn LeBron into some sort of compacted Stay Puft basketball assassin.

If you ask us, our only hope for survival is somehow pitting Balloon LeBron against Foam LeBron, and letting this growing menace take care of itself.