Daniel Gray, a UK-based graphic designer, was watching a movie when a thought occurred to him.

"'What if that book they mentioned was an actual paperback I could sling onto my shelves?'", he later reported on his blog, "and it spun out of control from there."

He's not the only one to have thought this - Flavorpill just last week ran an excellent slideshow of "Fake Books in Movies We Wish We Could Read" - but Gray's solution, which he called "Vulture Books", is by far the most aesthetically pleasing collection we've seen. Somebody hire him to make real books now, please.

See the slideshow below for the Vulture Books logo and the first selection in his series. As the designer himself states,
"full geek points if can identify the origins of each book" - for everyone else, the answers are written on the side of the slideshow.

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  • Handbook for the Recently Deceased

    Movie reference: Beetlejuice

  • The Grail Diary by Dr Henry W Jones Snr

    Movie: <em>Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade</em>

  • The Philosoph of Time Travel by Roberta Sparrow

    Movie: <em>Donnie Darko</em>

  • Tobin's Spirit Guide by John Horace Tobin

    Movie: <em>Ghostbusters</em>

  • All of Them Witches by J. R. Hanslet

    Movie: <em>Rosemary's Baby</em>

  • Movie: <em>Scream 2</em> and <em>Scream 3</em>

  • Vulture Books logo

    That white belly looks vaguely familiar...

  • The complete set