07/04/2012 09:42 am ET

Incredible Hulk Voted Most Irritating Superhero Co-Worker: Survey

It’s no secret that most don't really like The Incredible Hulk when he's angry, but they also aren't big fans of him when he's brainstorming, strategically planning or giving a presentation.

That’s right, the Hulk is the most annoying superhero to have as a co-worker, largely thanks to his anger management issues and emotional volatility, according to a poll run by employment website Snagajob (h/t CNBC). The site asked readers which superhero they'd least like to work with and found that workers value dependability the most in a superhero colleague.

"Between The Hulk being a loose cannon and Iron Man consistently being late, the results speak volumes – the hourly workforce is willing to overlook an irritating voice or an alleged ‘kiss up’ for the sake of a reliable and pleasant co-worker,” Jason Hamilton, senior vice president of marketing for Snagajob, said of the results in a press release.

The Iron Man, who accounted for 21 percent of the most-annoying vote compared to the Hulk’s 51 percent, was also deemed unreliable, mostly because he's always late. Captain America lost points for his brown-nosing tendencies, ending up in third place with 19 percent. But it’s the increased use of online communication that saves Batman from driving co-workers insane with his irritatingly deep voice, coming in with just eight percent of the vote, according to Snagajob.

Of course there are many more types of annoying coworkers than those represented in the superheroes above, such as the Narcissist, the Droner and the Weasel, according to CBS MoneyWatch. Some might even be here in HuffPost’s own newsroom, but unlike the Daily Planet, thankfully none are named Clark Kent. Superman? More like super annoying.