07/03/2012 11:41 am ET | Updated Jul 03, 2012

Robert Brennan Used Daughter To Pass Alcohol Breath Test In Truck, Cops Say

A Connecticut man is accused of making his 11-year-old daughter take an alcohol breath test so he could start his truck.

Cops said that Robert Brennan, 46, of Durham had previous drunk driving charges under his belt, which resulted in an ignition interlock device being installed in his truck, WMUR reported.

The device, usually ordered by the court in drunk driving cases, tests a driver's breath before allowing him or her to start a vehicle. Brennan was allegedly drunk on Sunday, so he had his daughter -- who was sitting next to his 8-year-old son -- take the breath test for him. Investigators told the station that the girl blew into the device five times so he could drive to a nearby store and buy beer.

Brennan's daughter possibly saved her own life when she called Brennan's ex-girlfriend after he passed out in his truck.

Upon investigation, cops found that the trio had been living in Brennan's truck bed.

"On arrival, police did find the man in question, and he did appear to have been drinking," Lt. Maureen Tessier told the station. "The two children were with him as well, and it appeared that they had been sleeping in the truck overnight in the hotel parking lot."

The children were taken into protective custody, the Associated Press reported. Brennan pleaded not guilty to charges of ignition interlock circumvention and endangering the welfare of a child.