It's super hot out, so we went looking for something on the Internet that would help us cool off. This adorable video pretty much did the trick.

This proves a universal truth: if you have a dog, you should own a kiddie pool and a ball too big for them to get in their mouth. We could sit in a lawn chair (under an umbrella) with a frozen drink at our side and watch this all day long.

And if you want to mentally cool off even more, take a look at some dogs battling sprinklers below.

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  • Figuring It Out

    She's getting the hang of this sprinkler thing.

  • Speedy

    Not sure why this was sped up, but it works somehow.

  • Sprinkler Shower

    This French bulldog just wants a rinse.

  • Sweet Move

    Spin move!

  • Thirsty Pup

    Why is this water fountain moving around so much?

  • Two-Dog Job

    This sort of thing calls for two Jack Russell Terriers.

  • Tough To Bite

  • Cooling Mist

    Gotta admit, this looks super fun.

  • Good Footwork

    Always stay on your toes and be one step ahead of the sprinkler.

  • A Team Effort

    Too much water for just one doggy.

  • Louis C.K.'s Dog

    This is Louis C.K.'s dog playing with a sprinkler. Seriously.

  • Face Wash

    Feels pretty refreshing.

  • Double Air Bud

    Pretty impressive ups there.

  • Sneak Attack

    So preoccupied with the bigger dog, the small dog can sneak up on the sprinklers unnoticed.

  • Jump Spray

    Can't someone lower this sprinkler?

  • Puppies Unite!

    Is there anything better than sprinkler puppies? No, there isn't.

  • Overthrown Sprinkler

    Think the dog takes this round.