07/04/2012 05:46 pm ET

Google Big Tent Event: Arianna Speaks At Cannes Lions Festival Of Creativity (VIDEO)

Arianna recently joined Google's Carlo d'Asaro Biondo and Iain Tait for a talk at the Cannes Lions Festival Of Creativity. The June 21 event focused on how to merge success and happiness in a technology-heavy world.

"We need to define our own success, and it has to revolve around what we love," Arianna said. "What makes me happy waking up in the morning knowing I'm going to spend my life doing that."

Arianna added that this is the century of empathy, noting that today's world operates like a "split screen."

"[D]epending on what you focus on, you can be incredibly pessimistic or incredibly optimistic," Arianna said. "You can focus on all the explosions of cruelty ... and unemployment and austerity, or you can focus on what is being born. And I think what is being born is going to be grounded in empathy, in our realization that we are all connected."

WATCH the full talk above. For more on Google's Big Tent events, head over to their YouTube page.