07/05/2012 04:39 pm ET | Updated Sep 04, 2012

20 Reasons To Be Proud Of American TV

Real talk: we bitch about shows like "Two and a Half Men" and present-day "The Office" here on Warming Glow all the time, but really, we couldn't be happier with the state of TV these days. Stop and think about the mass quantity of great series that will air by year's end, if they haven't already: "Breaking Bad," "Game of Thrones," "Archer," "Mad Men," "Community," "Parks and Rec," "Happy Endings," "Justified," "Louie," "Boardwalk Empire," "Homeland," "The Colbert Report," "It's Always Sunny"...the list goes on and on. It's an amazing time for the small screen, and with Independence Day right around the corner, I put together a list of 20 reasons why I'm proud to be an American TV fan. We love you, "Sherlock," but you'll get yours on...Guy Fawkes Day, I guess?