Chad Ochocinco Invites Grieving Widow To Wedding

07/05/2012 02:16 pm ET

Chad Ochocinco got married to "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada on the the Fourth of July. But a day before the wedding, the Dolphins receiver made time to do something incredibly nice for a grieving fan.

Cheryl Minton (@cheryl2958), 66, tweeted at Ochocinco around noon on Tuesday asking him to pray for her because her husband passed away two weeks ago. Ochocinco wasted no time and immediately invited her to his special day.

Minton seemed stunned, tweeting "I'm flabbergasted" in response to the invitation. She also tweeted that July 4th would have been her and her husband's 30th anniversary.

"I'm blessed. Things like that don’t happen to people like me," Minton told The Boston Herald.

Click HERE for a photo of Ochocinco and Minton at the wedding.

Not surprisingly, Ochocinco wasn't done with with social media as he live tweeted his wedding.

Although it was a wonderful gesture by the six-time Pro Bowler, it's not very uncommon of him. Ochocinco invited one of his Twitter followers to the Patriots' playoff game against the Broncos in January. A few months later, he invited 200 of his followers out to dinner in New York City.