Kathie Lee Gifford appeared to make a slip on Thursday, revealing that Hoda Kotb was recently considered for another job at "Today." Watch the conversation at the 7:35 mark in the clip above.

Rachel Sklar reported the curious exchange, which seemed to refer to recent rumors that Kotb would replace Ann Curry. Observers saw her as a serious contender for the top spot, though Savannah Guthrie was widely rumored to become the next co-host of "Today" and ultimately did.

On Thursday, Gifford and co-host Hoda Kotb were discussing a new study about competitiveness. Hoda asked whether two best friends should compete for the same job. She began, "What if you’re in a business, and there’s one job that comes open, and you and your friend are both —"

"Well, that has recently happened around here and I was extremely happy for you!" Gifford interjected. Kotb turned to the camera looking befuddled. Gifford continued, "When you were considered for something wonderful. I'm happy for you! If the person’s a friend — you're thrilled for them!"

Kotb nodded and agreed, before wondering, "How did we get there?"

If Gifford was in fact referring to the co-host gig, her slip was shocking and gave a telling glimpse at NBC's messy ouster of Curry. The network quietly announced Guthrie's promotion last Friday, putting an end to any speculation about Kotb.

The rumors were fueled in part because Kotb was reportedly asked to guest host in case Curry did not come to work the morning after news of her firing leaked. When asked if she would consider replacing Curry, however, she had said, "I'm actually joyful where I am."

(h/t Rachel Sklar)

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