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Mitt Romney Tax Returns: New Hampshire Democrats Demand Candidate To Release More

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Mitt Romney marching in a New Hampshire Fourth of July parade.
Mitt Romney marching in a New Hampshire Fourth of July parade.

Democratic activists from New Hampshire called on presidential candidate Mitt Romney, R-Mass., to release more extensive financial disclosure forms and past tax returns to prove he paid adequate taxes during the years that he was governor and prior to deciding to run for president again in 2011.

Ned Helms, a veteran and former Obama state campaign co-chairman, and Ray Buckley, the head of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, lashed out at Romney, saying he was not equipped to fix the American economy and would take country in the wrong direction.

Buckley pointed to recent press reports from Vanity Fair and the Associated Press, which purport to show that Romney failed to report interest in accounts he had in Bermuda, the Cayman Island and Switzerland in filings with the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission. Helms stated that Romney would use "top-down" tactics if he became president and had made millions at Bain and Company while harming middle-class families, shipping jobs overseas, dismantling companies, and firing workers.

Read the whole story at Concord Patch

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