We've noted in the past that Instagram has the power to make everything look cooler. We tested it on a plastic rose, contact lenses and even the office printer, and it worked in all cases. So it was no surprise that, between the image-sharing app's outage last weekend and the Fourth of July, everyone's favorite photo-improvement tool was a hot topic on Twitter this week.

On Saturday, when Instagram was temporarily out of service, Nancy Jew was one of the many Twitter users to ponder a world without it: "Urbanites everywhere are starting to panic. Can brunch even happen if Instagram is down?" Then, on Wednesday, Stephanie quipped, "The thumbs of Instagrammers quiver with excitement as they contemplate the Earlybird or Sierra filter for the fireworks."

Click through the gallery below for more of the best tweets from women this week, and check back next week for our new favorites.

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  • Nancy Jew

  • Stephanie

  • Lauren Greenberg

  • Jocelyn Plums

  • Kendra Alvey

  • Anita

  • Lena Dunham

  • Morgan Murphy

  • Lauren Bruno

  • Sophia rossi

  • Sloane Crosley

  • Sharron Paul

  • Jill Morris

  • Mindy Kaling

  • Jessie Lochrie

  • AndreaSometimes

  • Carol Hartsell

  • Lolo Jones

  • Torre Healy

  • Anjeanette Carter

  • Jen Kirkman

  • Julia Segal

  • Shira

  • Maggie Serota

  • Mae

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