Camilo Torres' new bride isn't the only "ball and chain" he got on his wedding day.

The BBC reports that Torres, who is better known as "Fritanga" or Fry-Up, was arrested on drug charges shortly after reciting his wedding vows on Sunday. He is reported to be an "influential member" of a drug trafficking gang in northern Colombia, according to the BBC.

Police say that Torres dished out more than $1 million for the wedding and reception, which took place on a Caribbean island. Guests included high-profile soap opera stars and entertainers.

Torres isn't the first newlywed to have his Big Day cut short by police. An Iowa man was also arrested on his wedding day in 2011 after starting a fight with a groomsman who had been dancing with the bride, and a Boston wedding ended with several arrests after a brawl broke out at the bar in March.

Most couples, however, do make it all the way to their wedding receptions without any such incidents. Click through the slides below to see some of the real weddings that happened this week.

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  • @mrbrandonjcurry: @HuffPostWedding Sister got married in NC. It was well over 100 degrees AND we got hit by that freak thunderstorm.

  • @Organica_: @HuffPostWedding Penns Landing, Philadelphia wedding!

  • @Delia716: @HuffPostWedding Steven & Marlye! Married July 4, 2012

  • @musclesprout: @HuffPostWedding

  • @KeepItJazzy: @HuffPostWedding

  • This blessed union took place on the 30th of June in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Sandy Malone: The new Dr. and Mrs. Francisco and Leslie Ramirez exchanging vows on the beach on Vieques Island Saturday. (Our Associate Editor, Stephanie Hallett, was also in attendance!)

  • Shannon Flannery: New Hampshire Wedding 6.22.12, Michael & Shannon

  • Bernadette Coveney Smith: Tim and Ben's first dance

  • Bethany Jones: Big congratulations to Brian and & Jennifer (Likavec) Lantz for a lovely ceremony and deliciously enjoyable reception. Photo ops at the Cleveland Art Museum and E. 4th St. areas made this a wedding that epitomized the greatness of Cleveland. Best of luck to the new couple!

  • @stephhernandez: Wedding by the water @HuffPostWedding

  • @stephhernandez: @HuffPostWedding :)

  • @mrsflesh19: @HuffPostWedding married June 23

  • @etizeighties: @HuffPostWedding The Girls

  • @DrCrystalMHall: @HuffPostWedding It was vintage and I loved my red dress and fascinator. Great time!

  • @avcvaldez: @HuffPostWedding The FoB & I; on June 22, a long & happy journey to Rachel & Scott!

  • @jordyshapira: @HuffPostWedding Beaches Turks & Caicos :)

  • @jayfinn13: @huffpostwedding. Wonderful time at our cousins wedding in Tiburon, CA

  • @143craig: @HuffPostWedding My Best friend Amanda and her husband, Paul. What a gorgeous couple!!

  • A Leading Limousine, INC: Sunday, June 24th, Radie + Cedric's wedding. We call this photo: "Here Comes the Bride"

  • @Lisastewart1: @HuffPostWedding: went to a beautiful wedding this weekend Mr & Mrs Kyle Blank

  • @photofabulous: A pretty altar in Carmel Valley @HolmanRanch @HuffPostWedding

  • Courtney Dwyer: Emily and Mike are college sweethearts who met at Ohio University. They married this past Saturday in Columbus Ohio.

  • @BladeNewYork: Happy to share in the joy as my brother and partner of 22 years made it official this weekend. @HuffPostWedding

  • @DenimDinosaur: @HuffPostWedding here's my beautiful cousin Kristi who got married in the Finger Lakes region this wknd!

  • @NBMakeupStudio: @HuffPostWedding did makeup and hair for our Bride at her Indian ceremony and Western ceremony after.

  • @LaurenOlfson: @HuffPostWedding Mrs. Sarah Cox!

  • @ekersey: @HuffPostWedding

  • @srbullis: @HuffPostWedding we won the self-nominated award for "best entrance" definitely stole the show!

  • @efturner: @HuffPostWedding My cousin, Kevin, got hitched in the Hamptons to Tracey...and all the cousins came out to celebrate!

  • @mplstvguy: @HuffPostWedding It's a little artsy but that's me & my lovely new wife...

  • @AmofahImages: @HuffPostWedding

  • @bentzminger: @HuffPostWedding : A pic of @BellaLise and I. So happy! ‪#WeddingPics‬

  • @nycarolines: @HuffPostWedding Erin and jimmy's wedding at the oaks in st. Michael's md :)

  • @DreaminNDetails: @HuffPostWedding My bride & groom at their Rustic Romance Wedding xoxo ‪#wedding‬ ‪#rustic‬ ‪#chic‬

  • @efink: @HuffPostWedding I officiated the wedding of famous Jewish blogger @frumsatire yesterday. ...

  • Tina Durbano: Holly and Chris at The Merion Cinnaminson NJ (Lighting by DJ's Available Sound and Light)

  • @byemilyb: @HuffPostWedding: we designed a gorgeous wedding last Saturday in York, Maine...

  • @byemilyb: @HuffPostWedding

  • Half Dome Full Wedding

  • Anjelica Raiten: Justin and Cait Raiten