Robert McManus And Stephen Armbruster, CU-Boulder Students, Accused Of Spraying People With Bear Repellant

07/06/2012 11:33 am ET | Updated Jul 06, 2012

Ah, fraternity life -- brotherhood, revelry and riding around on a scooter and spraying rivals with bear repellant in retaliation for stealing frat house letters? Unfortunately for the two CU-Boulder students arrested for doing just that on the 4th of July, their act of vengeance backfired when some wind caught their bear repellant, blew the spray back onto them and caused them to crash.

Police say that after drinking all day, CU-Boulder students Robert McManus, 21, hoped on the back of a scooter that his friend Stephen Armbruster, also 21, with a can of bear repellant seeking retaliation against someone who stole a painted Greek letter "S" from the Sigma Phi Epsilon house. McManus himself had put out special red, white and blue letters in front of the house for Independence Day, The Daily Camera reports.

According to 9News, McManus believed he had tracked the letter back to a residency at 955 17th Street by combing through Facebook photos.

When McManus and Armbruster arrived at the residence, McManus opened the door and sprayed the bear repellent inside. McManus told police he thought no one was home, but in fact a 19-year-old girl was inside the residence watching television. When she felt the spray burning her arms she went into her bathroom to call 911.

Then about an hour later, McManus and Armbruster drove by the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house where a party was taking place and McManus sprayed the bear repellant into the air. According to The Daily Camera, the cloud of bear spray affected about 10 to 15 members of the party, who were found by police in "complete chaos" on the front lawn of the house in pain.

But as McManus and Armbruster attempted to make their getaway, the wind shifted blowing the cloud of repellent back at them -- the pair were overcome by the spray and crashed their scooter, according to 7News.

McManus was arrested on second-degree felony assault charges while Armbruster was arrested for DUI and accessory to felony charges.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that McManus and Armbruster were Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity brothers, however they are not members of the fraternity and the story has been altered to reflect that.

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