What happens when the Internet collides with fine art? You get something amazing... and in this case, kind of terrifying.

Photographer Harold Feinstein, born in 1931, is a celebrated American photographer, known for his portraits of Coney Island, where he was born, as well as nudes, still lifes and street photography. He also has a stunning collection of photographs from when he was a draftee in the Korean War in 1951. One of those photos, GI In Photo Booth, Kilmer, 1951, apparently caught the eye of a Photoshop pro somewhere, who decided to take Feinstein's beautiful, somber photo and give it more of a nightmarish spin.

The result: a photo that, as Dangerous Minds puts it, looks like, "A camera caught in the act of stealing someone’s soul."

Thank you, Internet. We won't sleep tonight.

Via Dangerous Minds

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