'The Five' Vs. 'The Cycle': Bob Beckel Lashes Out At MSNBC Show (VIDEO)

07/07/2012 10:48 am ET | Updated Sep 06, 2012

It had to happen sometime.

On Friday, Bob Beckel, one of the hosts of Fox News' "The Five," lashed out at MSNBC's newest show, "The Cycle," accusing the rival program of ripping his show off.

The format of "The Cycle" -- four hosts sit around a table and discuss issues of the day -- is indeed similar to "The Five," though the MSNBC show has many more guests than the Fox News show does.

When the show debuted, its executive producer Steve Friedman scoffed at the idea that he was ripping anyone off.

"When 'The Five' started, did you go and ask them if they were doing 'The View'?" he said to The Huffington Post. "When 'The View' started, did you ask them if they were doing the 'Today' show?"

This explanation was evidently not enough for Beckel. He called the show "Recycle" and said it "stole our format," adding, "if you haven't seen it it's probably because nobody watches it." As his co-hosts took this in, he continued, "That's OK. Good luck, you've got no prayer."

Beckel said his producers had warned him against speaking out but that he was in a "rough mood."

(Video via Johnny Dollar)

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