Cats In Carseats: 11 Felines Who Put Safety First (PICTURES)

07/08/2012 10:54 am ET | Updated Sep 07, 2012

Talk to pretty much any cat owner and they'll tell you the same thing: these guys do not like getting in their carriers for a car trip. Whether it's a short drive to the vet or an hours-long road trip, felines have a way of turning it into a dramatic event.

But apparently having a baby in the family changes everything. Once there's a nice, cushioned baby seat in the mix, the cats are more than willing to curl up and behave. (New lifehack?)

So in honor of this phenomenon, we've wrangled together 11 of our favorite felines attempting to steal baby's thunder and get the good seat in the car.

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Cats in Carseats

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