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Chinese Tightrope Walker, Aisikaier, Survives Terrifying Free Fall (VIDEO)

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YouTube: TheLeakSource
YouTube: TheLeakSource

Aisikaier, a tightrope walker in China, is lucky to be alive after falling off a more than 650-foot high tightrope during a performance in Hunan Province, the BBC reports, relaying a report from China State Television.

Fortunately, the blindfolded acrobat was near the end of the 2,300-foot backwards walk when he fell, so the drop wasn't as large as it could have been, according to NBC News.


The Telegraph reports that even though he wasn't using any safety equipment, the performer suffered only minor injuries.

New Zealand's 3News notes that he had been walking for 50 minutes before he fell.

ABC News adds that Aisikaier, who's a sixth-generation tightrope walker, said he was feeling faint before the fall.

To see a photo of Aisikaier performing in 2005, click over to the Xinhua News Agency.

WATCH: Tightrope Walker Survives High-Wire Fall:

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