07/09/2012 03:34 pm ET | Updated Jul 10, 2012

Steve Nash Fans Cries About Lakers Trade: 4-Year-Old Devastated By Star Leaving Suns (VIDEO)

While Lakers fans are understandably excited about the impending arrival of Steve Nash, fans in Phoenix had an entirely different reaction to the sign-and-trade deal sending the two-time NBA MVP to Los Angeles.

One four-year-old Suns fans apparently took the news quite hard. According to the YouTube description accompanying this video, we're watching the emotional reaction of a young girl after her mother revealed that Nash was bound for Los Angeles.

"I wanted to get his autograph when he was on the Phoenix Suns," she said hopelessly between sobs, "but now I don't get to!"

When journeyman pitcher Brent Lillibridge was trade by the White Sox in June his move to Boston caused a similarly emotional reaction with a young fan. However, it looks like the girl may get an autograph after all. Nash recently retweeted a message (from his girlfriend) that contained the video and the desire to get in contact with the family. If successful, she might just get that autographed Suns gear that was worth crying over.