07/09/2012 02:17 pm ET

Rachelle Nicole Heenan, Married Teacher, Allegedly Had Sex With Student Multiple Times In Hotels

Rachelle Heenan, a married 34-year-old mother of two and teacher at Boswell High School in Fort Worth, Texas, was arrested for allegedly having sex with a student in hotel rooms on multiple occasions, CBS Dallas Fort-Worth reports.

According to Fort Worth Police Sergeant Pedro Criado, officials were tipped off to the relationship after rumors began to circulate among students and caught the attention of an officer assigned to the school.

“Ultimately the victim and the suspect met each other in the parking lot of a private gym in Fort Worth, held conversations inside the vehicle, and ultimately led to kissing,” Criado told CBS Dallas Fort-Worth. “The victim met the suspect at a local hotel in Fort Worth and they eventually had sex for the first time. They did have sex after that, I believe multiple times.”

The Star-Telegram reports Heenan faces charges of having an improper relationship with a student -- an offense punishable by 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

While the student involved is 18, it is unclear how old he was when the inappropriate relationship began and, according to NBC Dallas Fort-Worth, it is against the law in Texas to have a sexual relationship with a student even if they are a legal adult.

Kristin Courtney, a spokeswoman for the school district, told the Star-Telegram Heenan was placed on administrative leave on May 21.